Here’s the secret to Pharrell Williams’ ageless skin


Pharrell Williams exfoliates like a ” narcissistic madman”.

The 44-year-old singer has a simple yet thorough daily beauty regime, which seems him scrub his skin “like a monster” to remove the dead skin from his body, and the star also relies on staying hydrated to help him maintain his flawless complexion.

Speaking about his skincare routine to, the ‘Happy’ hitmaker said: “I exfoliate like a madman. When you exfoliate and you drink a lot of water, that does good for you. To me, the key is just exfoliating, like a monster. There’s a lot of dead skin. All the time. Like a narcissistic madman.”

The musician believes someone’s style is “indicative” of who their personality, and he plans his outfit in the mornings based on how he feels in that particular moment.

He said: “What it [fashion] means to me personally is the same as what style is. It’s indicative of who you are and what you’re feeling. Specifically, the way I look at it, it’s when I get up in the morning, it’s how I feel, it’s where I’m going, and what the weather’s going to be like. That kind of informs me of what it is that I’m wearing. When people are like, ‘I don’t really have any style, I don’t dress up,’ you kind of are. That’s what your clothes are saying.”

And the American star has revealed “everyday people”, including “maintenance men”, give him fashion inspiration and encouraged him to wear “trucker hats”.

Speaking about who influences his wardrobe choices, he said: “Everyday people. They have the best style, because it’s real. It’s like, the maintenance man, he does maintenance, and so his clothes have a utility function. He’s going to wear it with that kind of swagger, so he shows you how to wear it. When I started wearing trucker hats, maybe 20 years ago, that was because I was seeing truckers wearing them and was like, that’s kind of cool.”

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