Take a break, go for a Picnic and reap some quality benefits

Hanging out in bars with friends, binge drinking as we play catch up is how most young people nowadays prefer to spend their free time not realizing that such habits pose more harm than good to health. Kids are also growing up lazy, overweight and unhealthy because life as they know it is strictly made up of video games and junk food, and maybe that place called school.

What we often forget is that there are other activities of socializing that we can indulge ourselves in that present us with healthier, much fulfilling options like say, picnics!
Whenever you think of a casual lunch or a barbecue while perched up on a beautiful blanket in an easygoing environment abundant with that summery kind of sunshine either catching up or entertaining all kinds of company (such as friends and loved ones) then a picnic should be it!

Here are some more reasons why picnics should be your number one go-to social activity:

*Packing up a basket with food from your pantry, organizing your troop (not forgetting your faithful pet dog)  inside a vehicle and driving off to your picnic destination is all you need for a successful picnic. Spending a lot of money buying alcohol in a bar which results in shallow pockets, a sore voice, fatigue and a hangover is what you will achieve from spending time at your favorite local bar. In short Picnics are inexpensive.

*You get to leave your everyday stressful life at home/office and in turn get to spend time outdoors, basking in nature as you listen to and watch the birds and the butterflies, strolling along paths and bush trails, breathing in fresh air and at the same time enjoying the calm environment. All this has a way of leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the coming days.

*A picnic environment is usually a warm, refreshing one likely to entice one to participate in relaxing small talk where they usually wouldn’t be caught dead participating in. Happy meals plus light conversations help people to bond more easily, connect, plan and learn a thing or two about another person.

*Picnics offer time for special bonding whether with family, your significant other or close friends. Spending time with the people you love outside of your usual environment is always a great bonding experience. Doing this with loved ones has a way of helping you stay engaged and build stronger bonds while at the same time fostering warmth, love, security and feelings of belonging with each other.

*Doing any social activity outdoors is a natural mood booster and this does not exclude eating and chatting up a storm while perched up on that blanket and soaking up the sun. The sun itself is a natural mood booster. Add to it a vast space of greenery, fresh air with a nice breeze and bam! Hello good mood for days!

*Picnics are more than just food, sun and laughter. They are also about games that force you to run around which equates to my favorite E word…Exercise! Sports, games and nature are three beautiful combinations that are likely to present you with a great chance for partaking in a sweat-inducing physical activity. Football, tug-of-war, tag you’re it, are just some of the games that come to mind. You end up feeling more energetic than before.

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