10 Wedding Reception Decor Ideas to Give you Inspiration

You know what has been rather boring?…The Kenyan wedding scene! What with the copy and paste-like weddings that always have the same look and feel, monotonous wedding programmes and menus, 1,000 speeches made in a language you don’t even  understand and not forgetting the outdated drapes trend that sees the not-so-attractive multi-colored drapes feature as the main decor… Boring!

For a very long time, there has never really been  anything to look forward to when it comes to Kenyan weddings, to the extent some people just prefer to attend the church ceremony and go back home to do more interesting things with their lives.

The good news however is that there is a new breed of wedding planners who are willing to help the Kenyan wedding scene and they can pull off a less common-looking wedding that will have your guests talking about your wedding for a long time to come. Also,if like us you are tired of common weddings, here are  10 indoor and outdoor  wedding reception decor ideas that we  think are major goals and can help you come up with unique ideas for your upcoming wedding. Happy planning!









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