World’s first gin infused with Harley-Davidson motorbike parts goes on sale

Motorbike enthusiasts can buy a $1,000 bottle of gin infused with authentic Harley-Davidson parts.

German motorcycle fan Uwe Ehinger, has been collecting vintage motorcycle parts from around the world for the last 40 years.

According to Oddity Central he has now decided to put his collection to good use and has made the world’s first Archaeologist Gin which comes with a vintage motorcycle part submerged in high-quality gin.

In order to make the alcohol safe to drink, parts of the motorbikes are specially cleaned and sealed with a tin alloy. They are then soldered onto a steel structure and encased by a handcrafted bottle.

Serviceplan Group developed the creative concept, along with Hamburg designers Studio Oeding.

Tags bearing the unique serial number of the engine part in each bottle are included, along with waxed wrapping paper telling the story of each machine.

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