11 Chemical-free ways to fix mosquito itches

  • Peppermint (even just the smell of) is best, or rub it on and leave until you no longer need to scratch.
  • Raw honey. This is soothing and also has antimicrobial properties which will help prevent infection.
  • Lemons or limes. The juice, squeezed on the bites works wonders. They are an antiseptic too. You can also use PLJ if you don’t have any of the fresh fruit.
  • Essential oils. Most will help. Tea tree, rosemary, lavender, witch hazel and cedar oil all work well. Just take a drop or two, mix with a little water and dab on.
  • Salt, made into a thick paste, works. It is believed that Himalayan salt is the most effective. Just make sure that, whichever you use, is finely ground.
  • A raw clove, peeled, on the bite can sting a little, but works. The smell will put off any further mozzie invaders!
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