11 Chemical-free ways to fix mosquito itches


by Lyndy Mansfield for All4Women


Here comes the season with the many mosquitoes. Try these non-chemical remedies to ease the irritation from these little blood suckers.

  • Vinegar. Simply dab a little of any type of vinegar on the bite. If you have been outside and hoards have attacked you, take a very hot bath to which you have added two and a half cups of vinegar. The organic apple-cider vinegar is the most effective.
  • Aloe vera. Not only does the sap of the aloe stay the itching, but it has medicinal properties that will help heal any infected bumps. Keep a tube of natural aloe vera handy for when grubby little fingers have been unhygienically scratching!
  • A dry cake of soap. For temporary relief, rubbing dry soap on the itches will help. Once the irritation has subsided, don’t forget to wash the soap off!
  • Baking soda. Make a thick paste and apply. The swelling as well as the itching will subside very soon.

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  • Raw onion. Put a fresh slice on the bite and hold it there until the stinging itch subsides.


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