Qatar Airways’ ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ becomes Top Viral Video Worldwide


Qatar Airways has received tremendous support globally for its recently-launched television and social media commercial titled ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’, which has been viewed by more than 54 million viewers worldwide, making it the top viral video during the last week of June.

The campaign, launched across the airline’s social media channels, was listed as the top viral video after gaining more than 54 million views. The commercial was viewed more than 50 million times on the airline’s Facebook page, with nearly 800,000 views on Twitter, more than three million views on Instagram and more than one million views on Youtube.

The success of the commercial comes from its expression of the airline’s firm belief in the idea that travel goes beyond borders and prejudice, and that it is a necessity and right for all to explore this world that we live in.

The blockade on the State of Qatar initiated on 5 June stripped Qatar Airways of the rights granted to it as an international airline. Nonetheless, our focus is on ensuring that we continue to serve our passengers by delivering the award-winning service which we are renowned for.”

The campaign highlights the common ground Qatar Airways shares with thousands of its supporters from all parts of the world, which affirms the belief that the sky has no limits. The ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ campaign promotes the airline’s core philosophy: that the world is a better place when we explore it together.

The commercial captured the global media spotlight last week, making headlines in prominent media outlets worldwide, including Bloomberg and CNN.

The ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’ campaign can be viewed here:




Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

  • CNN have nothing to gain in case of violence before, during and after elections, these allegations are serious and should be looked upon

    • They have something to gain …..ratings and viewership. CNN please be professional. There will be no BLOODY news for you this time round.

  • shalom

    Surely even the villages know that this time around we are safe, hence a responsible human being will report any incidence of insecurity, Initiative Amani Kenya has done great to ensure that every citzen/Vistors in general are safe. CNN what are you trying to tell the rest of the world? We love peace please do not contribute to reduce that peace, we shall vote peacefully and shall prosper.

  • ukweliusemwe

    CNN is really desperate to get news.. .thats their business…remember the burning flag? Who wonders why Aljazeera is better?

  • Timoh Tammie

    That is what we call irresponsible journalism. Bad news attracts. This is not the first time CNN has been reporting negatively. These particular journalist should just be arrested and forced to show us where Kenyans are arming themselves, otherwise that should be treated as hate speech by a foreigner. Whether a he or a she should made to account for irresponsible journalsm

  • …. it is this kind of reporting that fueled animosity and aggravated the situation in 2007/2008 …. CNN if you have nothing to report …… do not report falsehoods …… I am all for press freedom but when its this kind of freedom it defeats reason ….

    • Its not the reporting that lead to PEV…PEV was caused by rigged polls. Unless you have forgotten too fast the events to 2007.

      • Nganga

        Key words…fueled and aggravated! Not caused

      • To rephrase Nganga, “fueled and aggravated”, practice some reading comprehension ndugu!

  • george

    hogwash ameaturish unprofessional reporting. CNN has failed Kenya and Africa at large. Sick Journalist.

  • aruh

    when we have been attacked by alshabab in nairobi CNN report that there has been an ethnic’ attack in nairobi…………..WHO IS CNN

  • It Pains most media houses outside Africa when there are no bad news to report about, and anything close to positive has to be connected with poverty and other sad stuff in their reports……….. They are not ready to report any Good happenings from Africa.
    We should keep the good virtues and never give them a reason to report what they wish to.


    Where is Moi and kina Mugabe type? Nowonder why democracy sometimes is abused by ditractors. Truly if you have nothing to say JUST SHUT UP.

  • The truth is : We dont want to hear the truth. Some parts of the country is arming themselves. They dont want to be found offguard. People are arming themselves. Like it or not.

  • does anyone still watch/read cnn, even after WMD’s…I don’t.

  • anyone still watch/read can, even after wmd’s ? I don’t

  • anyone still watch/read cnn, even after wmd’s ? I don’t

  • CNN has failed AFRICA,,,,this is one of the media spot that should be banned from airing anything to dela with AFRICA,,,,,

  • That was the most bogus news report I have ever seen. Those guys weren’t from Kenya. It had all the makings of a clown act from the circus.That reporter should be barred or at least fined. Shame on her. People are really trying to get along.

  • mtu wa God

    Its now clear what CNN stands for; Constant Negative News….

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