Pringles launch new flavours based on taste of pop stars

Pringles has launched new flavours of its crisps based on the taste of some of music’s biggest stars, including Kanye, Little Mix, Stormzy and Jay-Z.

The potato chip brand worked with James Wannerton, who has a condition called synesthesia, which means sound and taste are linked, therefore a flavour is experienced whenever music is listened to.

They conducted an experiment with James which came up with the results that rapper Kanye tastes like cheesy crisps, The Rolling Stones are like bacon and girl group Little Mix are tangy like salt n’ vinegar.

James, whose condition means senses that are normally experienced separately, are involuntarily and automatically joined together, said: “Food and music are always intrinsically linked during the summer via festivals, picnics in the park or barbecues in the back garden. This experiment allows us to take great flavours and match them to the music we enjoy during these occasions.

“Some genres of music have a very distinctive taste, I find rock and roll has strong notes of cheese and tomato like hot pizza, especially anthem bands like Radiohead. On the other side of the music spectrum, Kanye’s tracks is somewhat cheesy – in taste at least but his rap rival Jay Z gives off a meatier, more steak-y flavour.

“We hope our experiment will encourage snackers to think about what their favourite tunes might taste of while they’re listening to them at beaches, barbecues and festivals this summer.”

The top ten songs of the summer, with their nearest flavours:

Kanye West, ‘Gold-digger’ – Cheesey Cheese

Jay Z, ’99 Problems’- Flame Grilled Steak

Little Mix, ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ – Salt n Vinegar

Spice Girls, ‘Wannabe’ – Paprika

Green Day, ‘American Idiot’ – Pizza

Wolfgang Petry, Bronze, Silber und Gold – Prawn Cocktail

Radiohead, ‘Creep’ – Sour Cream and Onion

Rolling Stones, ‘Start Me Up’ – Smokey Bacon

Skepta, ‘Shutdown’ – Barbeque

Miles Davis, ‘So What’ – Cheese and Onion


SOURCE: Bang Showbiz

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