Injectable AIDS drug may work ‘as well’ as pills: study


A two-drug cocktail injected every month or two may be just as effective as a daily pill at keeping the AIDS virus under control, said a study Monday that promised relief for millions.

At present people have no option but to take lifelong, daily doses of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) which keeps the HIV virus under control, but does not kill it.

People who forget to take their medication run the risk of the virus rebounding to make them ill, or developing resistance to the drugs they were using — which would require a more expensive replacement.

In an ongoing study, nearly 300 HIV-positive people were given an initial course of daily pills to bring the virus under control.

Once this was achieved, some continued taking oral treatment as maintenance while the rest were shifted onto the prototype, injectable ARV, administered every four or eight weeks.

At 96 weeks, the virus was still subdued in 84 percent of the pill-taking group, 87 percent in the four-weekly injectable group, and 94 percent in the eight-weekly group.

The results were published in The Lancet medical journal to coincide with an HIV science conference in Paris of the International AIDS Society.

In 2016, there were some 36.7 million people living with HIV of whom 19.5 million had access to ART, according to UNAIS.

The UN recommends ART for all HIV-positive people.

– ‘Next revolution’ –

“The introduction of single-tablet medication represented a leap forward in ART dosing, and long-active anti-retroviral injections may represent the next revolution in HIV therapy by providing an option that circumvents the burden of daily dosing,” said study oc-author David Margo lis of Vi Iv Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company involved in developing the injectable drug.

“Adherence to medication remains an important challenge in HIV treatment.”

Also involved in the study is Janssen Sciences, a company in the Johnson & Johnson group.

Last week, the UN warned that countries must halt the rise of AIDS drug resistance to prevent a swell in new infections and deaths and spiralling treatment costs.

Viruses can become resistant to drugs when people take incorrect doses of their prescribed medication. Resistant strains can also be contracted directly from other people.

Some in the trial group experienced mild or moderate pain at the injection site, two of whom two to stop getting the shots which contain a mix of cabotegravir and rilpivirine.

Other side-effects, including diarrhoea and headaches, were similar in all the groups.

“Trials are ongoing and are needed to confirm the results,” the researchers said a statement.

The experiments were conducted in the United States, Germany, Canada, Spain, France and Germany.



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  • Jackin

    Am I reading the “Things fall apart ” script here from the renowned Venezuelan author Chunua Ocampo?

  • pat oloo



  • kirmatai

    Jendai Frasier – the person Johnnie Carson replaced as US Asst Secretary of State for African Affairs – already stated that the case against Uhuru is weak and based on pedestrian discussions by the roadside. It is a travesty for Ocampo not to have made disclosures at Pre-Trial, that in fact, the witness number 4 had withdrawn his evidence. Ocampo needs to face justice for this travesty.

    • Madam Jendai Frasier was only expressing her personal opinion. She doesnt represent any authority at all. Is like our former assistant minister in Moi regime purporting to speak for Kibaki government! She was in a regime that was jettisoned by president Obama, who has Bwana Johnie Carsons on his side!!!!

  • pat oloo

    ocampo is an idiot

    • We proudly gave our children his name anyway!!!!

  • This is the Ocampo Rambo left to some African to get herself looking stupid and unwitty. Bensouda wake us and sssmmmeeeellll wwwhhhhaaaat is Cooookkiiing????

    • Duncan Muchina

      And she still wants to proceed with these cases!! What is she smoking? Anybody?

      • gmwaura

        She is likely to opt to drop the cases than give the defence an opportunity to call witness 4 for the defence to expose the people who bribed and coached them thus ridiculing the icc and our own brothers who could stoop this low for political purposes.

  • suluhisho

    International Confusion Court……………………………sounds more like it!!!

  • aruh

    we should investigate ICC….

  • kanges

    International crimes creation.

  • kanges

    by the way, Who is surposed to step aside and be investigated? is it Ocampo or Bensouda? or ICC or who is the suspect here?

    • Ocampo is no longer on the scene! He carted away his bags long long time ago. The last time I checked he was headed to Fifa’s offices in Geneva! And Madam Bensouda can easily claim to have inherited broken over-zealousness! ICC too will easily claim to have decided on what was laid before them!!!!

  • PatrioticKenyan

    When Moreno Ocampo came here, he claimed he had completed investigation and taken care of all witnesses. Everybody wondered whether he had actually carried any investigation or he relied solely on the Waki Commission report and numerous other report like the one by KNHRC which was extensively used in the Waki report itself. Allegations of Witness couching and bribery first came to the limelight when Ruto paraded 2 witness who confessed to have been bribed and couched to testify against him. At the time everyone dismissed Rutos assertion, including ICC who moved with speed to claim that those particular witnesses were not lined up to testify, never mind that they were still kept in porch houses were on fully paid allowances. Now its obvious, Ocampo never conducted his own investigation, he relied wholly on reports submitted by KNCHR. A report which was doctored and amended severally for political expediency.

    This is a serious miscarriage of justice by a court of internation repute

  • grace joseph

    Bensuda fatuma is innocent,she inherited the case.hheeeee,remember rao being asked whether uhuru owns land and he said….heh di uhuru is innocent.

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