10 Cooking myths that don’t work


by Lyndy Mansfield for All4Women


Just because you heard it on telly, or read it in a magazine, does not always mean that the tip is not a myth …

Searing meat seals in juices. In actual fact, searing the outside of meat makes it more porous and if you press the meat into the pan it will give off even more juices.

You don’t need to keep whipping cream so it won’t ‘fall apart’. You can take a break when whipping cream (or eggs) without the mixture separating. If anything it helps firm it up. The trick, though, is NOT to remove the whisk  and when you start whisking again, start off slowly and then increase speed.

‘Crowding pasta’ is not an issue. You do not need a huge pot with loads of boiling water to cook pasta. As long as the pasta is covered, bring it to a gentle boil, with NO oil! Another myth is that if you want to prove to everyone that you are a great cook, you need to make your own pasta. There are fabulous store bought ones (pasta shops, not supermarkets) that will save you time and angst.

‘Don’t put salt on yeast. You will kill it’. Active dry yeast and double rise yeast does not react to salt. Live bakers’ loaf yeast can be desiccated with salt. By the way, adding salt to water does not make it boil faster.

Lard is bad for you. In actual fact, lard has less saturated fat and less cholesterol than the same amount of butter. It has no trans fats – like margarine and shortenings do.


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