Gallery: PATUNA Couture Autumn-Winter 2017-18 collection

Patuna’s autumn-winter 2017-2018 couture collection is a junction between Gaudi’s organic architecture and Dali’s dreamlike abstraction. Oscillating between rigor and fluidity, silhouettes play the feminine / masculine contrast, and follow the movement of the body. Silk, wool, velvet and cotton highlight the flexibility and adaptability of looks.

The color palette ranges from black and pale pink to gray, cardinal violet and white. The designs are dotted with special elements, de- tails dear to Patuna’s work, which punctuate the collection. The knit occupies a large part of the collection: skirts, trousers, shorts, which, like «crutches of reality», highlight the oversize jackets.

Just like Gala, Dali’s muse, the woman Patuna is a woman of character, free and impetuous…

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