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  • Francis

    I have stated here before that the over-sight role of parliament over the executive was designed for a parliament whose members are literate/ patriotic/statesmen/women and not hecklers like Khalwale and his friends.First, you must present a factual case to the people and be honest in presenting the facts.The meat of PAC chair’s case is that by allowing one company to print notes at Ruaraka against an outside entity which would have costed “less” Kimunya “stole” money! Now that is dumb! If i buy kasuku as opposed to Kimbo 2kg mkebe and pay more for the kasuku- I did not lose money-I just bought kasuku which is not Kimbo! In fact i may like kasuku and continue paying more due to “other benefits”. Again if i buy tomatoes in Mombasa only to realize that they were cheaper in Nakuru- I did not lose money-Mombasa is NOT Nakuru.To compute the difference in what i would have “saved in Nakuru” as a LOSS is the most stupid mathematical argument i have ever heard.The terms of the “cheaper tender” were never disclosed for MAXIMUM LYING EFFECT FROM Khalwale guy.I never knew that CHEAP means exactly that-What about the technical specs of the tender? The volume? the time and logistical matrix? Why not source at MITUMBA PLACES-THEY ARE CHEAPER.It is shameful to take public time and money to engage in useless stuff when the country faces so many REAL challenges.The guy was shamed by Hon. Dalmas Otieno when he READ THAT THE SAME RULE HAD BEEN USED LATER.Khalwale could only face the floor in shame-he had no answer! Surely from 2006 many “important” issues must have happened that to drag Kimunya back after he Khalwale shouted him out of the docket then can only mean one thing-PERSONAL HATE. Kenya has other names other than KIMUNYA AND NDUNG’U tell us how well they are working!

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