16 signs your boyfriend is your bestfriend


Most girls claim that they are with the man of their dreams, their bestfriend which in most cases is always so far from the truth. I mean, how can you be bestfriends when you don’t even know simple things about each other like…favorite color,  middle names or the primary school one attended? Or worse yet, how can your so-called bestfriend keep forgetting your birthday and other occasions that matter to you? How can your bestfriend not know your taste and always get it wrong with your gifts?

You may find two people in a relationship with very different priorities in life…You may find that while the girl puts all her efforts in the relationship, the guy she cares about is on another level where he could be obsessed with his car, computer games, the gym, his boys , his porn stash, his work, his love for football to give two hecks about “his girl”.

The relationships that work and pass the test of time though are the ones that consist of two people who want the same things out of a relationship. Two people who were attracted to each other from the word go because of something they had in common and not for reasons like “She had a pretty face”. Two people who realized from the beginning that they can  and want to have each other in their life for a very long time. Like they could be actual friends first before anything else.

There are ways you can tell just by the way the two of you bond to know if you are best friends. Here’s how you can tell your boyfriend is your bestfriend…

1. When you have exciting or bad news, he will be the first person you want to share it with because you know he cares about what happens in your life.

2. You have a connection and can communicate by just looking at each other.

3. You are your true self when you are with him.

4. You have your own inside jokes that no one else would ever get.

5. You can talk about absolutely anything! From exercise, to Beyonce, to the latest Kanye West mess, to politics, to current affairs, to food, to salt bae, to health, to cars, to gadgets, to sports, to relationships, fashion, hair, Donald Trump…absolutely anything! Awkward silences don’t exist in your life.



6. You always know what the other person is going to do or say even before they do.

7. You can have random silly fights about dumb things and then get over it very fast and perhaps even laugh about it.

8. You are so close that he even shares your hate for those painful stomach cramps you have to endure every month. He has even mastered your menstrual cycle calendar.

9. You share the same concerns. You even talk about little details about your different and mutual sets of friends without seeming like you’re gossiping about them really.

10. You have a good connection even when it comes to matters libido.

African American couple eating piece of fruit

11. You are very honest with each other, you trust each other and you always have each other’s back. You can even call each other out and still be ok after that.

12. You fill each other in on what’s happening in your lives and you always look forward to the “filling in” session.

13. You know each other’s celebrity crushes and you can mention to him that a regular person is cute without him going on a jealousy tirade.

14. You truly enjoy each other’s company.


15. You are each other’s advisors. Plus he always takes your opinions very seriously and vice versa.

16. You’ve asked him this question :

You have one call to make. You can only call one person. And calling this one person will make everything better. Who would you call?

If he confidently answers “YOU” …you have your bestfriend right there!

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