Passionate Bakers bake towards their dreams at Cake Festival

Craft and ingenuity make a master in any field. From helping your parents in the kitchen or garage to trying out new things. A lot of time and lessons go into creating an urge to follow a certain path.

Pursuing your passion is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. 300 bakers got the chance to express their skill at the eighth edition of The Cake Festival last Saturday at KWS Headquarters. Creativity and passion were fused at the event and two bakers stood out; Hashnunish Sultan, last year’s winner and Tamimah ‘Binti’ Mohammed, a winner at her first attempt in the festival.

Hashnunish’s passion for pastries is a core part of her life. She studied culinary arts but taught herself how to bake and decorate cakes. Hash found a home with the Prestige Margarine team, who sponsored her in last year’s edition. She didn’t participate in this year’s competition but was on ground to demonstrate different baking techniques to participants.

“If whoever found out 1+1=2 kept it to themselves, we wouldn’t be where we are,” said Hash. She is very enthusiastic about mentoring other bakers and helping them achieve their dreams. Her advice to those scared to start their journey pursuing their dreams is to just grab the opportunities presented to them without giving excuses and learn from every mistake. Her dream is to start an exclusive bakery.

This year’s winner, Binti’s cake won the hearts of the judges, audience and competitors. Just like Hashnunish, a self-taught baker who has harnessed her skills for the past 11 months.  Her ingenuity has grown over time and she has her sister to thank for her rapid progress. Her dream is to start a bakery and pursue her passion in the pastry world.

Prestige margarine provided an avenue for bakers to pursue a field they are passionate about. From which, Hash and Binti will benefit in advancing their crafts beyond The Cake Festival and making a living out of it.

The dreams don’t stop at helping bakers achieve their dreams. The Cake Festival is organized by Edumed Trust to help disadvantaged children acquire education as well as encourage them to follow their desired paths in life. The event raises funds for the foundation to sponsor needy students’ education.

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