Jennifer Lopez has a ladder in her closet

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has a ladder in her wardrobe, so she can reach her vast array of clothes.

The chart-topping singer has such an expansive collection of clothes, she requires a ‘Beauty and the Beast’-style ladder to be able to reach them from the shelves, according to dancer Derek Hough.

Derek revealed: “There’s actually a ladder in her closet. And I don’t mean just a little stepping ladder like in a pantry, oh I’m talking like, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘tale as old as closet.'”

Derek has starred alongside the 47-year-old beauty on their NBC competition show, ‘World of Dance’.

And he’s admitted to relishing the experience of working alongside the seemingly ageless entertainer, describing her as the “queen bee” of the show’s cast.

Derek told People Now: “She’s like a unicorn! She ages backwards. She’s very loving and comforting to some of the acts.”

Jennifer’s age-defying appearance has led fans to speculate about how she has managed to retain her enviable good looks despite approaching 50.

But Derek revealed she is simply the beneficiary of good genes.

He explained: “You envision her eating this magical food or something, but then she’s rocking a pepperoni pizza. Sweet.”

In May, meanwhile, Ne-Yo revealed Jennifer’s home is “insane”.

The singer spent some time at the ‘Shades of Blue’ star’s Los Angeles abode while filming ‘World of Dance’ and he was “embarrassed” by how much nicer her home is in comparison to his own.

The ‘Miss Independent’ hitmaker said: “[We] hung out a couple of times at J.Lo’s home. It’s insane. I’m telling you it’s a compound. Here’s the house; up this hill and around the corner, here’s the dance studio. It’s like J.Lo world behind the gate.

“[It] was embarrassing. You look at J.Lo’s house and it just makes your house look like, ‘What am I doing with my life? Jeez.’ It’s impressive to say the least.”

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