A chef creates world’s most expensive burger

A chef has created the most expensive burger in the world worth almost £2,000.

Chef Diego Buik has crafted a whopping feast made from Wagyu and Black Angus beef patty, gin infused lobster, foie gras, truffle, cheese, Japanese tomatoes and caviar, topped with a sauce made from 35 lobsters all sandwiched in between a brioche bun ornately decorated with gold leaf, which reaches £1,785.

And the mouth-watering, decadent meal, which also features French lettice, ham, Jamaican blue Mountain coffee, vanilla, saffron and Japanese soy sauce, was designed to mark International Burger Day on May 28.

However, Diego – who is the culinary mastermind at South of Houston restaurant in The Hague, Netherlands – doesn’t think the pricey burger tastes nice.

He told Vice.com: “Byron in London served me the best burger I’ve ever had – a beef burger on a brioche bun with dried bacon, Byron sauce, tomato, red onion, and aged cheddar. It cost me about £14.”

The burger is a one of a kind creation and is not on the menu at his restaurant, but if guests do want to sample it they have to let the chef know in advance.

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