Over a third of Brits made a new BFF through social media

Social Media concepts with a multi-ethnic group of people.

Over a third of Brits claim social media has helped them find friends.

More than a third of Brits have admitted social media helped them to make a new best friend.

Research carried out by Diet Coke, to celebrate its Get The Gang Back Together Campaign, has revealed that 44 per cent of people in Britain say they made a new pal thanks to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But some say just five per cent of their social media followers – of an average of 100-200 followers – are considered “close friends” with the majority admitting they would call just three to five of them “close friends”.

Natalie Whitehead-Farr, senior brand manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain said: “Diet Coke is all about celebrating those amazing moments we have with our friends. The rise of social media means that we can communicate with our friends easily and it is also a great tool for meeting new people.”

This year, Diet Coke launched the Get The Gang Back Together campaign #ItStartedWithADietCoke.

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