3 Writing Tips from Award-winning Writer, Bikozulu | Our2Cents

Are you a budding writer? Do you think about how you can be a better storyteller? Well who better to share some tips that award-winning writer, Bikozulu?

Like me, maybe you’re an avid fan of Bikozulu’s Monday entries, or perhaps you enjoy his witty Instagram posts from all over the world, or more recently, his Instagram Stories!

There are tons of people who ask him, how do you manage to churn out all that content across all those platforms consistently? Bikozulu’s answer is simple, “It’s because I love writing. Even when I can’t write I still love it. I love words. I love how words sit on a page.”

In this episode, Bikozulu shares three creative writing tips that every storyteller should take to heart!

Special thanks to Chris Wanjagi for creating Bikozulu’s caricature!

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