East Africa City Slam Basketball Tournament comes to Kenya

The Africa City-Slam (ACS) is a Pan African basketball tournament between the best young male teams from the top basketball cities across Africa, and it’s coming to Kenya.

Basketball is currently the second most popular team sport in Africa after soccer, and the organizers, Invictus Africa Sport, are committed to growing the sport.

This will be the first basketball tournament in Africa where winning teams will walk away with prize money. Currently the Kenya Basketball Federation league has over 35 teams that compete for 9 months of the year. None of the players in the KBF league earns a monthly salary.

Organized by Invictus Africa Sport, their goal is to establish each regional Inter-City competition as the largest and most popular in their respective regions. As the property grows, this will ensure that ACS becomes the most popular basketball tournament on the African continent.  The top 3 teams will walk away with between Kshs 250,000 and Kshs 700,000.

The East Africa City Slam Basketball Tournament will take place from 11-16 June, 2017, at Nyayo Indoor Stadium, Nairobi, Kenya.

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