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As David Bailey once said, ” To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.”

Whether we like it or not, there are few things that dictate our decisions as much as money does. Let’s be real, who doesn’t wish to have more than they can spend?

Following the success of our first saving tips video (which you can watch here), we decided to follow it up with a few more tips that have really helped us along the way!

Good luck with your wealth creation!

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  1. Avatar Reg M January 29th, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I went thro’ this so called manifesto and it was business as usual

    Read the following analysis…

    Take at least one major industry to each county and promote 24 hr economy in major urban centres…
    My take…. Each county has a major industry and Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa are already on 24hr basis..

    2) Restructure Youth Fund to give youths entrepreneurial skills and start up grants and also give loans at a reduced rates for business expansion…
    My take… that is exactly what Youth Fund has been doing… In fact the Youth Fund has also been providing youth entrepreneurs with marketing liaison and negotiated for 10 percent of government contracts to go to youths

    3) Open branches of KIE all over the country to support and develop new businesses…
    My take…. for the last ten years, KIE has been on that growth trajectory … it’s part of the KIE strategic plan for the next seven years…

    4) Set up well equipped centers in each constituency to offer training in modern entrepreneurial and technological skills..
    My take…. this process was started by government under the Economic Stimulus Programme… There are already 100 centres of excellence across the country, 76 which are functioning at optimum

    5) Give incentives to banks so they can finance industries that create jobs
    My take… Africa Development Bank with other partners started the Africa Guarantee Fund… this fund acts as insurance for banks to lend to industries that create massive employment, such as agriculture, small scale manufacturing and the entire breadth of value addition on Africa’s primary products…The fund is based in Kenya (Mayfair Centre, Upper hill). Already some of the banks have gotten the support and are already lending to risky businesses

    6) Enhance the use of ICT for increased productivity and efficiency
    My take… this is too general a statement to be taken serious

    7) Invest at least 2.5 percent of annual GDP in research and development
    My take… this is noble and is in line with NEPAD recommendation… My concern is that the ministry responsible for pushing this kind of allocation has been under ODM, actually under Sally Kosgey, why didn’t they lobby for such an allocation?

    8) Fast track SEZ in major urban centers
    My take…. another general sweeping statement that should not be taken serious

    9) Social Equality
    Establish a national health insurance scheme that covers everyone, and to which those who can afford it must contribute…(Mark this Please) For those unable to contribute, establish a healthcare package that includes maternal healthcare, and treatment of such pandemics as HIV/AIDS…
    My take…. NHIF is a national health insurance scheme where everyone..who can afford contributes… but what bothers me is that there is a distinction between how the CORD government will deal with those who cannot afford the contribution… that the government will set up a separate package which will include maternity, and pandemics treatment… The truth is like a cut and paste job from the current system… today, the poor have their own hospitals which only offer maternity, pediatry, and HIV/AIDS 20 shillings…

    Again…. business as usual!

    Up to this point it sounds to me like Business As Usual…..


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