Majority of Brits judge book by its cover

Majority of Brits judge book by its cover

Half of readers judge a book by its cover, according to new study.

A survey has found over 50 per cent of Britain choose a novel based entirely on its cover.

First impressions have been proven to count as a new study has revealed 52 per cent of British people judge a book by its cover design with the majority opting for a text with dark and mysterious sleeve, whilst one third of people pick a novel based on its title and merely 19 per cent are drawn in by the author.

The poll, which has been commissioned to mark the paperback launch of ‘The Obsession’ by best-selling author Nora Roberts, has revealed animals and men on the cover were deemed the least attractive text, whilst scenic artistry are more attractive.

Despite personal recommendations (36 per cent), immersive plots (44 per cent) and surprising twists (29 per cent) being most likely to appeal to readers’ interests, only four per cent of those surveyed said they would be willing to wait until the final page before casting judgement, but more than half of bookworms would stop reading if they were bored by the first chapter.

‘The Obsession’, featuring number one bestselling author Nora Roberts’ unique combination of suspense and passion, is now available at all good book stores nationwide.

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