Of men, women and STRETCHMARKS!

Man asleep and young woman sleeplessness

Stretchmarks; many women have them and if they don’t have them, almost every woman will have them as a consequence of pregnancy. Stretchmarks perhaps on the thighs, butt, hips, breasts or love handles.

Often underneath that mini skirt are thighs with some stretchmarks, often covered up by those tights are legs with some stretchmarks, often on those boobs covered with a fitting top are some stretchmarks, often that butt that is dressed in a sexy outfit has some lines of stretchmarks.

So many women are too self conscious about their stretchmarks. A woman can have a sexy body but not feel sexy due to her stretchmarks. She can walk and many turn to look at her as she is all clothed and she wonders “What if my stretchmarks are seen, will I still be called sexy?”. She looks at herself naked, yes she has the curves and feminine form but wishes to change her skin and do away with the stretchmarks. Sometimes it gets worse and she becomes wary of being naked in front of her man, scared the stretchmarks will lower her sexiness in his eyes, making her self consciousness come in between him and her, perhaps affecting their intimacy and sex life.

Man, stretchmarks are not ugliness; they are a sign of womanhood. They are the result of the expansion of her skin when her body formed the curves and shape you now enjoy. For her to have that butt, thighs and chest you drool over, some stretchmarks occurred. For her to carry your child in her womb and give birth for you and her, stretchmarks had to show up.

She needs you to make her feel sexy. The rest of the world sees her as sexy when she’s all dressed up, you get to see her sexiness dressed and naked. Appreciate her, it’s hard work being a woman and carrying all those assets for the pleasure of only you. Kiss her stretchmarks, call out her beauty, constantly affirm her how much you desire her, touch her in a loving way, undress her and take some time to look at the gift her womanhood presents to you – a woman knows when her man is looking at her with desire and it makes her feel sexy.

With or without stretchmarks, when a woman is single, her sexiness is her responsibility; but when she has a man, her sexiness is her man’s responsibility. How her man treats her determines how sexy she feels. When he makes her feel sexy, she dresses her body well, she feels good about herself, she walks with more confidence, she enters the bedroom full of passion. Too many sexy women are walking around not feeling sexy because their men either make fun of their body or fail to appreciate their beauty.

And after stretchmarks comes aging; stretchmarks are a sign of womanhood, wrinkles and loose skin are a sign of many years well lived. When those wrinkles form on her face, when her butt and boobs lose their tightness, kiss her. Even then, she will need you to appreciate her body. She is your woman!

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