Will Dating Khloé Kardashian Cost you $70,000 ?

Rashad McCants claims dating Khloé Kardashian in 2009 cost him $70,000 as the high-profile romance put a huge obstacle in the way of his career.

The NBA star dated the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star in 2009 and claims his relationship with the reality star put a huge obstacle in the way of his career.

He told the Charlotte Observer newspaper: “Without that situation in play, I’m a $60-70 million player. Easily.”

It comes after another of Khloe’s ex’s James Harden slammed his relationship with the brunette.

He said previously: “I didn’t like all the attention. I feel like it was for no reason. I wasn’t getting anything out of it except my name out there and my face out there, and I don’t need that. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it wasn’t me.

“I don’t need pictures of myself when I’m driving my car. Who cares? … It was unnecessary stuff that I think trickled down to my teammates. I had to eliminate that.”

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old star’s relationship with Tristan Thompson is going from strength to strength.

Asked if she would accept if he proposed, she shared recently: “Yes I would … I have never been in this type of love … I would love to have a family. We’ve talked about it. He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father. I definitely want to be a mom. But I don’t put the pressure on it. It’s not like, the clock is ticking. I feel in my soul it will happen.”

And Khloé is “unbelievably happy” with Tristan.

Her best friend Malika Haqq revealed: “She is so unbelievably happy and I couldn’t be happier for her. [She’s doing] amazing. My real goal is to celebrate my birthday every year somewhere where I haven’t been, so it starts this year. It’s a complete girls’ trip to the Dominican Republic. Khloé is not going to make it. Her boyfriend’s birthday is actually March 13, so she will be with him, but we are going to connect and celebrate together.”

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