Tyra Banks got ‘America’s Got Talent’ job in five minutes

Simon Cowell has revealed it took him just took five minutes to decide to give Tyra Banks the ‘America’s Got Talent’ hosting job.

The music mogul met up with the 43-year-old star when he found out she’d be interested in taking the reigns of the show but after only a few brief minutes, he knew she was the right one.

He told Entertainment Tonight: “We started with no host. Then one of us got a phone call saying Tyra Banks was interested. So I told her, ‘Come over to the house tomorrow.’

“She turns out, ripped jeans, not really any makeup, sat down and within five minutes, we literally all said, ‘We would love you to join the show.’ It was that quick.”

Tyra Banks has impressed the ‘America’s Got Talent’ bosses ever since she signed up to host the show and replace Nick Cannon.

Her “over-the-top approach” has thrilled bosses, despite being “way different” from Nick’s.

Meanwhile, Nick previously revealed his decision to quit ‘America’s Got Talent’ was “calculated” and not emotional after he quit because executives had “threatened him with termination” for a joke he made on a comedy special.

He said: “When people start to put restraints on my creativity, as an artist, I just have to stand on my square and stand for something. I’ve never operated for monetary gain. Money isn’t one of the things that moves me or inspires me.

“I love [money]. I embrace it the way everyone else does on this planet, but I don’t make decisions based off of it. [The decision wasn’t emotional;] everything I do is calculated.

“I feel like change is growth. I wish everyone the best. I wish all the new people involved the best. I wish the brand to continue to flourish. I’ve got love for the network, I’ve got love for the production, and I feel like I’m growing as an artist, and as a human being, to bigger and better things.”

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