Tyra Banks got ‘America’s Got Talent’ job in five minutes


Simon Cowell has revealed it took him just took five minutes to decide to give Tyra Banks the ‘America’s Got Talent’ hosting job.

The music mogul met up with the 43-year-old star when he found out she’d be interested in taking the reigns of the show but after only a few brief minutes, he knew she was the right one.

He told Entertainment Tonight: “We started with no host. Then one of us got a phone call saying Tyra Banks was interested. So I told her, ‘Come over to the house tomorrow.’

“She turns out, ripped jeans, not really any makeup, sat down and within five minutes, we literally all said, ‘We would love you to join the show.’ It was that quick.”

Tyra Banks has impressed the ‘America’s Got Talent’ bosses ever since she signed up to host the show and replace Nick Cannon.

Her “over-the-top approach” has thrilled bosses, despite being “way different” from Nick’s.

Meanwhile, Nick previously revealed his decision to quit ‘America’s Got Talent’ was “calculated” and not emotional after he quit because executives had “threatened him with termination” for a joke he made on a comedy special.

He said: “When people start to put restraints on my creativity, as an artist, I just have to stand on my square and stand for something. I’ve never operated for monetary gain. Money isn’t one of the things that moves me or inspires me.

“I love [money]. I embrace it the way everyone else does on this planet, but I don’t make decisions based off of it. [The decision wasn’t emotional;] everything I do is calculated.

“I feel like change is growth. I wish everyone the best. I wish all the new people involved the best. I wish the brand to continue to flourish. I’ve got love for the network, I’ve got love for the production, and I feel like I’m growing as an artist, and as a human being, to bigger and better things.”


  • samantha

    soh carson is from where again?…….

  • Duncan Muchina

    Somebody gave him a call from Kenya. There’s no way he can come up with this unless he is privy to something. You can just pick out some inconsistency.

  • The true American position is this.A son cannot point out the nakedness of the dad..that is what Obama did.He asks an uncle or dad’s age-mate.American policy on Cuba,Iran,Sudan,NKorea,Burma Etc has not changed over the years in spite of a few well meaning presidents in the white house,we ignore this caution and we shall see our economy in shambles within 3 months.

  • Gen Kago

    so what was Obama all about. It was lip service he was giving Kenyans knowing all along he had his preferred candidate. When he saw how he had undone his candidate by the lip service of freedom of choice to Kenyans, he sends his ambassador to take back his Word.
    Let Obama Man up and retract his promise of freedom of choice to Kenyans himself. This is double speak, President Obama. Come off it!!

    • It was balancing between plainly putting it right and in the process inspire foolish nationalism and leaving it even-handed. But as already shown by Uhuru’s and your comments, we are used to getting the wrong signal! So why leave any doubts????

  • Boiyot

    I am waiting for the ‘Kenya is a sovereign state’ barrage from some people…
    What we need to shut some people is for Uhuru/Ruto to write a legal declaration that they will comply with ICC calls no matter what and everybody will be happy! Otherwise, we’ll continue getting these subtle treats from the west on how they don’t support any candidate, but on the same line telling us to vote for people without ‘luggage’!

    • We were told that if the charges were to be confirmed, Uhuru was to resign! Instead, he now wants higher office!! Declaration or not, they dont fit the bill of president and deputy president in present circumstances. Actually, the problem is not about non-attendance as such, its about the quality of their characters when mashroomed by all grave charges of crimes against humanity, and then attempting to take leadership of the country!!!!

  • Jackin

    I am now starting to believe that the US and UK are sowing seeds of discord among Kenyans. Why didn’t they “advice” on the elections of CHINA late last year? or even Somalia? I tend to assume that they are ignorant of the fact that they have fallen out of God`s favor as the superpowers of the world!
    Kenya is not a puppet of any country Sir Carson. At least for this moment, leave Kenya alone to exercise its democratic right as a sovereign State. Keep your premature thoughts to yourselves and act after Kenyans elect the “wrong leader”. WE KNOW YOU GUYS SUPPORT US,BUT THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DICTATE TO US, HOW WE SHOULD BREATH!

    • They did advice and dont forget both countries (China & Somalia) dont pretend to embrace democracy as we do! Kenya is nothing on her own pal, dont lie to yourself! Our budget can never add up without input of western friends. In simple language, economic chaos would ensue – worse than economic sanctions – if we are left on our own self-bloated importance!!!!

      • AngryVibes

        did Kenya cease to exist in the 90’s when sanctions had been placed against? No, and somehow, people found a way to survive…Kenyans should learn how to depend on themselves…they are certainly very hardworking…and yes..it can be done. Sometimes a total system collapse is necessary in order for it to self organize. maybe the west pulling out would be a blessing in disguise because neccesity is the mother of all inventions

        • You are lying to yourself pal! There was NEVER EVER economic sanctions imposed on the country in the 90s. Perhaps, you dont know what economic sanctions are my friend! Mere monetary aid from IMF and World Bank were suspended! Economic sanctions means being isolated in every single sphere, be it export, import, consumption of your commodities is outlawed and general dealings with other countries become nonexistent. May be your idea of economic sanctions is no more than a mere loan denied!!!!

          • @facebook-100000996986819:disqus -this can not be,tuko sawa with or without them.

          • Keep on dreaming, it offers some irrational bliss!!!!

  • This is what we have been saying all along! We have been proved right. No democratic nation can pretend to be employing democacy by electing criminal suspects. Leaders elected by people are supposed to examplify and represent the face of the country. However, if you opt for suspected rapists and murderers, there is no way civilized leaders would embace such people. Furthermore, heads of state are supposed to be not only political leaders, but moral leaders as well. And whipping tribalism amongst gullible voters, for purposes of electing tribal moral vacuums, CANT be acceptable anywhere on earth!

    Kenyans therefore need to think very carefully before they cast their votes on March 4, 2013. A slight mistake WILL BRING FLOOD OF HARDSHIPS that will definitely change the way we live. We will most certainly end up as failed state if we are carried away by empty tribal emotions that serve no purpose at all. We must understand that those using tribalism to shield themselves are in real sense, our worst enemies. If jubilee presidential candidate has already acknowledged that his election WILL SWIFTLY INVITE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS, WHAT CHOICES ARE WE LEFT WITH? Would right thinking Kenyans WALK SRAIGHT TO OBVIOUS ECONOMIC RUINS WHEN THEY PEACEFULLY AND DEMOCRATICALLY STOP ITt? WOULD WE OPT FOR HIGHLY POISONOUS BOTTLE?

    We are certainly against no one! What we want is for suspected criminals to deal with their alleged individual criminality without involving all of us. Once they are cleared, we WILL only be too happy to embrace them! However, individuals should not use their suspected criminality to sabotage all of us. They should have the audacity to seperate themselves from innocent Kenyans. Wallowing deep-neck in hope against hope cant help at all. The odds and stakes are too great to keep on holding straws of “may be it wont happen!” Its happening already and we are faced self-inflicted destruction!!!!

    • indsn

      “if you opt for suspected rapists and murderers, there is no way civilized leaders would embrace such people. ” Are you old enough to remember Idi Amin in Uganda? Britain was the first government to recognize him after a military coup of the uncouth! The rest is now history. Ian Smith in Rhodesia, apartheid in South Africa all had the blessing of the west. The removal of Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba were all brutal acts orchestrated by you know what you call civilized leaders. Some of these descriptions are subjective. Kenya’s road to independence was a struggle against so called civilized leaders. In civilization was colonization and theft of African natural resources including human resources during slavery. So when the west is after you, falling all over you we can not tell that you are not exactly like Idi Amin they liked so much as to help come to power through a military coup. The west has a history of bringing stooges to power only to sometimes suffer the consequences. There is still time for you guys to declare the west’s interest in some candidates? Is there a preparation for a stooge.

      • You are confusing yourself with cold war era events. Idi Amin, Ian Smith, aparthied, Kwame Nkrumah, P. Lumumba and even your village struggle, are matters that CANT be allowed to happen in 21st century! If you are caught in that huge past tense, no wonder you are this tribal! Things have completely changed my friend and thats why Kenyans are so rigidly opposed to tribal presidency!!! By the way, why are you living in the past? Perhaps, you see the criminal suspected candidate as another tribal presidency that was so well represented by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta? International community cant be exposed to conceited village dreams that clearly run counter larger national interests!!!!

  • AngryVibes

    So what if we make a mistake, it’s still ours. That is what freedom of choice means. You don’t have to like it, but the US has no moral authority to tell Kenyans what to do. Elections are just that..a process to pick your preferred candidate.

    • Making a mistake of knowingly eating poisoned chocolates is not democratic my friend! Its suicide!!!!

  • is this guy threatening us…………… ? WTH!!! i wonder why the media is giving him airtime…

    • Hard truth has never been a threat! Even then, if it were real threat as such, what would you do to the most powerful nation on earth? Our Media has a duty to let citizens know the odds against them. Perhaps, it would have served you better if we found ourselves thrown off board by a tsunami that we had not been warned of??!!

  • we ought to know that democracy comes with a price……………. case in point.. 3 wolves and a sheep on a dinner table voting for whats for dinner

  • Diana

    LOVE IT!!!! Johnny Carson, tell it like it is!

  • what happend to innocent till proven guilty.. am disgusted by the levels this guyz are willing to go to manipulate us……… let the kenyans decide. . .

    • There is no question of innocence here! You dont force innocency as we have witnessed already! In any case, we are talking about individuals who dont meet international standards of democracy. Its universal for all democratic leaders not be tainted, let alone being faced with confirmed cases at International Criminal Court! Of course, you swallowed the propaganda to effect that certain countries are trying to lock out from election certain powerful candidates, hence the frustrations! The bottomline is that some fellows are accused of crimes against humanity, the most serious crimes on earth! Its not about who they are or where they come from. Morality and decency would have forced them to fight their personal battles out there alone. But moral vacuums have no qualms about it. Especially when fearing that the odds are against them, they would opt to involve the whole country in their personal miseries! Thats whats not acceptable at all!!!!

  • sisemikitu

    Kenya needs a massive shake up! Someone said, every great nation in the world today underwent great tribulations in its history – US, SA,China, Japan, Germany, Israel and now Rwanda, Angola et al.

  • simon

    same guys who said the KDF would get massacred in somalia,ati we cant do it on our own..i believe in me and my decision whether its what they want or not..its not the size of a dog in a fight that matters,but the size of a fight in a dog that matters. kwessi pratt comment and i will tell you why nothing in form of their threats will keep kenya from roaring on its plains

    • Same same guys financed us and wholly provided machinery to overcome al shaabab. To think otherwise is outright self-deception!!!!

      • simon

        pratt you could never be so wrong in your life..machinery used in somalia,apart from the donated humvees a while back,was PURCHASED from china and russia and south africa,very little came from these guys acting out like kenya is their 53rd state.funding? the guys have practically refused to pay back the money even after agreeing to do so,so your comment is just but a pile of manure.
        what they are saying in short: elect someone who will give us the jobs once more,the contracts we want, for the right to influence how you run your country without so much as a question, to feel wanted and needed once more.
        the main thing causing american pronouncements is simple: lamu port. the main reason KDF is in somalia. restore stability and the links east africa and west africa aka the new transport corridor from asia to europe and america. its inception brings jobs and alot of wealth for kenya and the region as a whole,thus by extension end to african conflicts.
        personally,china and japan along with india(yes,india) and russia are a better bet to relate with compared to america and the european union. case in point: thika road construction,no tied in terms and conditions to get the money. in retrospect, the world bank(aka america) refused to provide much needed guarantee for the construction of the wind power project in turkana,ati kenyans will suffer, while we know real well that hyo stima has already started being consumed even before it has been incepted..power for future upcoming infrastructure(electric trains,konza city, Northern Frontier District,factories clamoring for way cheaper power etc),hell even lamu inangojea that electricity. kenya is headed for greatness, this only shows how we should choose our friends and future relations. so my opinion: they can go to hell and do what they do best there. at least i know with the uhuru character i will have a job,and hence contribute to the greatness of kenya and the east african community as a whole.
        that was just a scratch of the surface..more comments = more digging deeper into the workings of foreign policy

        • Am just breaking off for my family weekend. I will thus respond wholly later. But first, you may feign power of ‘Asian machinery,” but truth is the opposite. Without encouragement and total support from these guys, we wont have left our seats for Somalia. Without that promise of better things to come in the process of the war, we wont have taken a single step towards Somalia! Perhaps, you have forgotten the fear is always there and with such unpredictable situation, we had no stomach to wage war in Somalia! And without satelite support from these guys, we would have been too cowed to even look in to that direction!!!!

          • simon

            all that was on wikileaks around that time was how america WARNED kenya not to go to somalia coz they wont manage the backlash,KDF wont see victory,rather bodybags.even on launch the ambassadors werent told because..you guessed it, they would have taken all the thunder.fact is this:we are where we are because of cofee and tea and tourism,now diversifying to hydrocarbons and minerals and refining the same,huge market in southern and central africa compared to the enforced godfathers of ours. am awaiting your reply,hell i can even give you factual replies instead of the desktop journalism ur practicing over there

          • Wikileaks is neither an American nor European authority! They are as good as rumours on River Road! I get amazed when we mix matters while pretending to know! Kenyan government was just “prodded” to go to war. Any other stuff is total fabrication!!!!

          • simon

            why then go after the man behind wikileaks..base your arguments and points on things that actually exist. prodded by who? i should give you a link to a site that would open your eyes on what is actually happening and not just some random things you come up with on the internet written by “google”journalists and other characters who think they know what is happening.

          • You want to mean river road rumours dont exist? And do you know who Iam to give unsolicited “nonstarter?” Arm yourself with enough information to allow you argue on real facts! Dont just opt to “accuse” when that doesnt amount to much! It actually reduces you to something close to nonsense!!!!

  • perepepe

    We would be undeserving of freedom, independence and dignity if we are subtly bullied by foreigners not to vote for a certain duo because of likely but unspecified consequences. We would be an embarrassment to our freedom fighters who gave their lives and shed their blood for an independent and self-determining Kenya. If by my vote I will be re-enforcing what our independence heroes fought for, then my vote, as a protest vote, is the least I can do to honour them and defend the dignity of my motherland. I refuse to vote based on fear, intimidation and subtle coercion by foreigners. I stand up to be counted. I stand up for Kenya. Bring on the consequences!

    • Who said economic sanctions are just a mere “if” or lack specificity? They are real and SURE TO COME if criminal suspects are elected! Why is Uhuru /Ruto banned from travelling to USA and western Europe if it was a matter of guess work? And if you truly stand for Kenya, you should be wishing the country well and not being arrested by purported popularity of suspected criminals! Kenya is not about one or two individuals, its about 42million people! So why the empty fixation with suspected criminal duo or is tribalism at its worst?

      • perepepe

        I know during our struggle for independence we had home guards perhaps the equivalent of house negroes in the US during slavery. Sincerely I do understand your perspective…which simply is the “The Master is right…and you better do what he says or else…..” Free you mind Kwessi Pratt!

        • The only difference between you and me is that I can see the big picture and am not held back by empty tribalism! By the way, what makes you think that if Uhuru is not on the ballot things are not right? And freeing your mind is literally favoring your kinsman? I dont need that poisoned freedom of mind pal!!!

          • perepepe

            You really do sound like Samuel L Jakson’s character in Django. Totally enslaved!!! What makes you think am Kikuyu?? Your take on this matter is so warped I think it unnecessary to continue this discussion.

    • John Juma

      My friend, you are just talking because it has not started, imagine right now in Sudan ATMs are not working, it is because of these consequences you want to invite to Kenya.

      Sanctions are inevitable to Kenya if these duo are elected into office; let no one cheat Kenyans, look to what is happening to Iran, Sudan, Zimbabwe, all because sanctions!! We may talk a lot of things, but the fact remains, we will be isolated, I wonder if you are a radio fan, listen to what Waweru Mburu of Citizen Radio usually tell Kenyans, we elect them at our own peril!!!

      • perepepe

        Let them come. Some of us are not cowards, Uncle Toms or boot lickers. Waweru who????

  • Wanted I

    What a president says is like bible. It can be interpreted by people differently. To you, Obama said ” I do not support Raila” . That is the message you got and went dancing!!!!!!! So when Carson interprates it differently you ask for further clarifications. Is it the English or what?

  • ali mohamed

    This is a rogue diplomat, with no manners, no shame , no grace, no self respect

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