Is the Romper for men “Romphim” a fashion Hit or Miss?

We all wear clothes, so I guess we should all know what Jumpsuits, Rompers and Onesies are. Maybe I should have added Dungarees in there because all four clothing garments have the same concept: One garment that is worn as a shirt and trouser/shorts.

For those who really have no clue about what I’m on about, let me shed some more light on these fashion garments that are a force to be reckoned with –well, at least in the fashion industry.

The Onesie is commonly worn by babies but lately there are adult onesies that are worn as pajamas (especially in cold weather) or as lazy-day-chill-in-the-house kind of days.

The Jumpsuit is a staple in many women’s wardrobes but mechanics, skydivers can always be seen wearing the less fashionable version of the garment. Oh! And the US jailbirds in the popular, inconspicuous orange colour of course!

We all know what Dungarees are, right? The popular bib and brace overalls that have been there since forever…

The Romper is the shorts version of the jumpsuit and is also known as a playsuit because initially it was an outfit for little girls which they mainly wore when they went outside to play especially during summer time  but it has  also  now become a fashionable women’s wardrobe staple item.

-The Romphim-

Enter 2017 and what do you know? The birth of a Romphim! Which is a “little” disturbing…

The internet recently went crazy over this supposedly new men’s closet fashion statement of bro rompers with a twist.  A Romphim is just the female and kids’ version of romper but with a zip fly, leveraging the laid-back cool of a romper without the logistical issues. Oh! And with lot of man thigh and possibly very curly chest hair on display.

So ladies, would you allow your man to wear a Romphim? Most importantly, would let your man walk out of the house wearing one? Would you be proud to walk hand in hand with him in the streets? Would you still call him your man?

Also, why didn’t they just call it a “Bromper”?

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