#Decoded: Ladies, here’s what you wear to bed says about you


1. “Lady in a long vest”

This lady loves her sleep, the long vest allows her to wear no panty thus giving her fresh air. She allows the beautiful area between her legs some space to breathe and gives him room to maneuver since a long vest is easy to lift, take hands inside or remove.

2. “Lady in a hugging pair of shorts and a small vest”

This lady loves her ass. She wears the shorts because it makes her ass look sexy and obvious. She knows her ass looks good and when she dresses like this she loves to look at herself in a mirror to check out her behind. She knows her booty excites him. The size of the booty is not the point but the quality of the booty.

3. “Lady in a jumper and track or tights”

This lady loves to cuddle. This is what she would wear even when single. The jumper is bigger than her body and wearing no bra inside, she loves the comfort. She has the sweet and huggable look and when in bed, she loves it when he cuddles her to sleep. Sex may not constantly be her motive.

4. “Lady in a branded T-shirt”

This woman cares little about image or looking good. She can wear a branded T-shirt, tired pants and even add a stocking to the head and feel nothing. For her, the bed is probably just for sleeping. No man wants to look at his woman in bed and see a logo of a corporate brand or a charity walk. She is probably single because if she had a man, he would have told her to spice up her bedroom wear. Or maybe the man is there, wondering how to tell her “Sweerie, you are sexy but what you wear to bed, no no, it has to go”
5. “Lady in a bra”

This lady needs schooling. How dare she wear a bra to bed? Lady it is OK to wear a bra during the day, but at night, let the boobies breathe. Sleeping with a bra is not good for your precious chest. Even the man looks and wonders why.

6. “Lady in thick cotton pyjamas”

She feels warm and comfy but he wonders why she wears all that clothing yet it’s not even cold, besides, he wants to give her warmth. She looks cuddly and huggable but also defensive and dull with many layers of clothing.

7. “Lady in lingerie”

Now this lady knows how to look sensual, she dresses for bed. She walks to bed and he drools. She excites his eyes. She appears in control and sexy. The lingerie makes it not just appealing to look at but fun for him to remove. She wears this for comfort and also for sex appeal.

8. “Lady sleeping naked”

This lady is super confident about her body. He loves to watch her nude. She is clearly telling him “I trust you, I am free and comfortable with you. Here is my body, do whatever you want with it from any angle you prefer”

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