Johnny Depp responds to financial lawsuit

Johnny Depp blames his former business managers for his financial troubles.

The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge’ actor filed a lawsuit against The Management Group in January for $25 million, citing fraud and negligence, and they then hit back with a countersuit which blamed his money woes on a $2 million-a-month lifestyle.

And Johnny has now spoken out for the first time, insisting that if he was too blame, the company should have dropped him as a client long ago.

He told the Wall Street Journal: “I’ve worked very, very hard for a lot of years and trusted a lot of people, some who’ve clearly let me down.

“Why didn’t they drop me as a client if I was so out of control?”

And the 53-year-old star insisted his spending habits shouldn’t be questioned as it is down to him to decide what he spends his money on.

He added: “It’s my money. If I want to buy 15,000 cotton balls a day, it’s my thing.”

The ‘Dark Shadows’ actor also claimed the company – which is owned by Joel and Rob Mandel – lied about certain aspects of their suit in connection with his spending and dismissed their claims he paid “over $3 million” to blast author Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon – revealing it was actually $5 million.

David Shane, a spokesmen for the Management Group – which is seeking $560,000 in unpaid fees and a ruling their former client is solely responsible for his financial situation – said in response to the interview: “We look forward to responding to Mr. Depp’s latest falsehoods in our amended pleading.”

In new court filings made on Tuesday (25.04.17), the ‘Rum Diary’ actor’s lawyers claim to have received “significant new information, including documents and testimony” from a former Management Group employee regarding “misconduct in managing Mr. Depp’s affairs.”

The actor reportedly received an email on February 7 about the former staff member, who was allegedly fired by TMG for complaining about how his money had been moved, and deposed the ex-employee on March 2.

In response, Mr. Shane claimed Johnny is “relying on dishonest, discredited statements from a vindictive former TMG employee who was fired seven years ago.”

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ actor’s attorney, Adam Waldman, insists the Mandel brothers don’t “want the whistleblower testimony made public because of fear of incrimination.”

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