Tokyo restaurant serves insects with ramen dishes

A restaurant in Tokyo served insects with their dishes during a one-off event.

Customers reportedly flocked to the hotspot in Japan to try their unique cuisine, which sees them serve up a ramen feast with a choice of crickets, grasshoppers or silkworm powder titled Insect Tsukemen, during a one-off event.

According to The Mirror Online the event came one year after the success of their cricket ramen feast last year, which was organised by restaurant manager, who remains unnamed, and Yuta Shinohara who sets up insect-eating dos.

For those with an empty stomach had the opportunity to enjoy the noodle specialty with bugs and soup, a bowl of rice laden with crickets, spring rolls and ice cream all containing creepy crawlies of various species.

During the event it is believed 100 bowls of insect ramen were indulged in, and were sold out before lunch time.

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