Clarins launches 4 new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils

Clarins have launched four new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils.

The longstanding skincare company launched their moisturising and highly-nourishing lip products in January 2015, but the beauty brand has expanded their cosmetics line to include Candy, Tangerine, Mint and a new adaptation of their original item Honey titled Honey Glam with a glitter effect.

The compact lip product has been extremely popular with costumers the company has decided to make the product part of its permanent line, especially after the success of their three debut shades Honey, Raspberry and Red Berry.

The Clarins Lip Comfort Oil not only vary in their scent and flavour, but also in the shade, and although the products come in an array of bright shades when applied to the lips they give a subtle hint of colour to the lips; the perfect amount of pigment has been included to create a subtle and sophisticated look.

The beauty range is rich in active plant ingredients, including hazelnut oil, Mirabelle and organic jojoba oils, which help to deeply moisturise the lips without the oiliness or stickiness of other products.

Whilst all of the items have conditioning and therapeutic elements, the Mint item has the additional benefit of plumping the lips instantly because of the added menthol.

The founder of the prestigious beauty empire, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, decided to create the innovative face and body oils into intensive professional formulas, which were initially used at the Clarins Institute de Beauté in Paris, France, when it first opened.

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