Pastry Chef spends five days creating a 25kg chocolate sculpture

A group of pastry chefs spent five days creating a 25kg chocolate sculpture.

Michelin-star culinary masterminds at Bohemia Bar and Restaurant in Jersey have worked solidly for 120 hours to perfect an artistic piece made out of the tasty treat to celebrate the Easter holiday.

The design captures an octopus tentacle wriggling out of a treasure chest filled with golden miniature Easter eggs.

Speaking about the creation, Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager-Smith said: “We wanted to create something a bit different this Easter so decided to do the lost treasure of Easter. We created a treasure chest with golden mini Easter eggs inside. Obviously lost treasure needs to be protected so we created the Jersey Kraken to protect it! The chocolate sculpture took five days to make and we used 25kg of chocolate.”

The mouth-watering design will be on show at the venue throughout the Easter weekend.

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