Did you know that sex can kill?


For many years now, the notion that sex can possibly cause a heart attack has been floating around.  According to a new Reuters article, a U.S. study shows that sex, can really kill you.

The American study found that participants, when having sex compared to when they were not, were 2.7 times more likely to get a heart attack.

In a similar 1996 study by a team of Harvard scientists, data suggested that the risk of having a heart attack after sex was doubled for people with a history of coronary heart disease compared to their healthy counterparts.

It seems that more recent research findings have shed some light on this myth.  However, most researchers still believe the increase in risk is still very small that it shouldn’t be something that would end your sex life.

This is just another wake up call for all of us to take care of our hearts, no pun intended, and start living a healthy and active lifestyle.  We should start seeing being healthy as an incentive for more pleasurable sex.


Let your doctor know.  If you have a history of heart disease in the family or have been diagnosed, make sure you let your doctor know. The sex conversation with your health professional is generally something avoided, but if your doctor is informed about your concerns about the impacts of your heart condition on your sexuality, having this conversation may just end up saving your life.

Health professionals. Health professionals most likely have different boundaries and comfort levels when it comes to conversations about sex.  Some may be able to provide mental and emotional support, and others may be able to provide a medical diagnosis.  It’s always good to start with your family doctor and branch out from there.

Be prepared. Prepare some questions before you go see your health professional.  Just in case who you go see may be shy about  the topic, get ready to ‘get real’ with your doctor.

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