A simple gift guide for new relationships

Holiday gift ideas for New Couples

If you’re freaking out because that special day is just a week away, and you still have no idea what to get the person you’re dating, it’s okay.  We’ve got three tips for you, and six gift ideas too.

Do not get too personal
Even if it feels like you’ve known someone forever, you haven’t.  Buying a gift that assumes a certain level of intimacy, like lingerie, can scare people off.  Your best bet is buying something you’d get for a good friend.

Listen for clues

Think about the things you’ve talked about on dates, whether it’s sports, movies, or a favorite hobby, and get a gift that matches those interests. You want to give something that shows you’ve been paying attention when you’re together.

Do not go overboard
You don’t want to come off as cheap, but if you spend too much money on your gift, it might make the other person feel guilty that they didn’t do the same.

If you’ve been dating for a few months, go for something around Kshs 5000.  If it’s been less than that, stay in the Kshs 1,000 to Kshs 2,000 range.

Holiday gift ideas for him

If you bake, make a batch of some fantastic dessert like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, fudge and pack it up in a decorative tin or a basket.

If he’s a sports fan, get him something related to his favorite team, like a jersey, or World Cup merchandise (vuvzela’s, etc).

Holiday gift ideas for her

If she likes girly things like spa days and pedicures . or even if she’s just wears makeup you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to.

If you really want to make her feel unique, buy her  accessories that match- shoes, handbag, earrings, and tell her you thought the colors would bring out her eyes.

Basically, she’ll love it if your gift shows that you put some thought into it.  For example, you could make her a ‘coupon book,’ with fun activities you can do together.  It’s like a book with a bunch of fake vouchers, that say stuff like “Good for one free massage by me,” or “Good for one football-free Sunday.”

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