Battenbun cake slated as Holy Grail of tea treats

Celebrity chef Anna Olson has created the Battenbun, which is a combination of a hot cross bun and Battenberg cake, in time for Easter.

The celebrity chef has invented a new tasty treat in time for the religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, which is a combination of a classic hot cross bun and a Battenberg cake with the pink and yellow patterned centre, as part of her show ‘Bake with Anna Olson’.

The hybrid cake, which has been slated as the new sweet treat during English tea time, is a blend of almonds, cinnamon, apricots and marzipan and will be given to customers in East London bakery Lily Vanilli on Easter Sunday (16.04.17) before the series’ premiere on April 24.

Speaking about her creation, Anna said: “The best part about the launch of the third series is that I can continue to share my incredible world of baking with the UK.”

And Anna is hopeful the Battenbun will encourage more people to get creative in the kitchen.

She explained: “I hope both the Battenbun and upcoming season of ‘Bake with Anna Olson’ inspires the UK to get their rolling pins out and join me on another sweet adventure.”

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