Capital Lifestyle Instagrammer of the Week: @tatianakaranja

After having studied photography in Holland for three years, Tatiana Karanja has refined her art to reflect her adventures while “on the move [and] discovering new destinations.”

Between working for some of the top publications in Nairobi, Kenya, juggling a 4-week old infant and regularly posting on her second Instagram page dedicated to food and healthy living, this talented photographer draws inspiration from traveling and being in the moment throughout her experiences.

Capital Lifestyle reached out to Tatiana Karanja to find out how photography and Instagram have impacted her journey in Mobile Photography.

What cameras do you enjoy shooting with and what do you like most about them?

I love the camera I currently use (Canon 5D) for the main reason that the quality of the images are amazing, just so crisp, there is such a huge difference from my last camera!

I love using my polaroid as well, it’s just so much fun and I get instant pictures that I can either hand out to whomever I’m shooting or keep for myself and put in my albums.

And lastly, even though I don’t have it anymore, I loved using my Nikon coolpix for all my underwater shots as well as for “roughing it” as its made for adventure!

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

I love taking travel photos best, these include landscapes, interiors & exteriors of places I go to, the food, the animals, just the setting/ambiance of where I am. So naturally I take these pictures when I’m on the move, discovering new destinations or capturing images of places I’ve been in new ways. I seldom like to post pictures of things here in Nairobi.

What are your top tips for taking captivating Instagram photos?

I don’t actually take my shots for instagram, the shots I take are sometimes spontaneously or on a job but I would say keeping the photos colourful, vibrant and of good quality help to keep your instagram captivating.

Which three instagrammers do you recommend everyone to follow?

I follow so many amazing accounts, and excuse my pregnancy brain, a lot are not coming to mind but quickly of the top of my head here are three accounts I really enjoy following:

  • Raphael.lucena – her fashion photos are amazing. I love her eye to detail and the crisp clean images she makes
  • islandboiphotography – love how he captures brown/black girls in so many beautiful ways and plays with really nice colours
  • Gabscanu – The way he captures mainly beaches and the water is so captivating to me, his colours are amazing hues of blues and greens, and the hues of his beaches…wow I just love it! (Im so bad at explaining)

How has Instagram influenced your profession and your business?

Instagram keeps me on my toes, keeps me taking pictures so that I can constantly produce content for my followers so in that way it helps a lot. But I don’t think I have gotten many jobs from my own instagram but more from people posting pictures I have taken of them, especially when I was taking pictures for Thisisess, I would get a lot of work from her sharing those pictures on her instagram account!

5 Favourite @TatianaKaranja Instagram Posts

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