7 Places that can Offer an Escape From Nairobi’s Hassle

A fresh breath of the countryside, a quiet walk along river banks or a day of cultural indulgence and immersion goes a long way in maintaining anyone’s sanity. Looking for a quick escape from the honking and the crowds? these seven places pointed out by Jumia Travel users will revive your soul.

Rock and boulder scale at Ololosukuan nature trail

For some good adrenaline release, you only need to catch bus no. 111 or take left off Haile Selassie to join Ngong’ road and drive on to Ngong’ town. A dust road ride three kilometers or so on Kibiko road should bring you to the Savannah Sunset Village Resort which will mark your kick off point to the mind boggling escapade.

Ol Donyo Sabuk, and the Fourteen Falls

A walk through the woody banks reveals yet another of Kenya’s natural occurring wonders; The Fourteen Falls. True to the name, this combines different falls and cataracts into a single massive flow; plunging down meters to form a natural pool. Although human activity, and especially mismanagement industrial waste has greatly affected the previously blue azure waters, the banks provide great picnic site, with the falls forming a magnificent backdrop. Join this with an early hike on Mount Kilimambogo, and you’ll celebrate a double serving of nature’s own gift.

Oloolua nature trail; a birding experience in the frills of the city

If you want to catch the country breeze without losing site of the skyscrapers, then this trail, dotted with springs and pools, vines and creepers intertwined between high canopies of indigenous trees and birds singing will make a good shot. For a priceless excursion of the falls and the cave, aim to complete the five-kilometer trail on this refreshing adventure. You can camp overnight, or just spare a day.

Nyahururu Falls; take a round trip to the Central

Located past the beautiful prairies of Laikipia County, and in the midst of a natural thicket that forms part of the Nyandarua Ranges. The lush green vegetation, mighty roaring of the waters as it drops to the pool below and trekking areas around the falls is super rejuvenating. This can be joined with other nature-filled excursions such as trekking and exploring the area. You can stay at Nyahururu Panari Resort for a regenerating break.

Trekking, sightseeing and bike trailing in Karura forest

Situated along Kiambu Road, and in the outskirts of the capital, Karura comes with the advantage of size; therefore, making it possible to explore a wider ecosystem, longer trails and more activities. Among the highlights include century old caves and numerous streams that add to the natural serenity and calmness. There are numerous clear sites in case you picnic lunch in the park.

A therapeutic drive; Tigoni waterfalls and tea farms

Nothing gives relief to the mind, more than a change of perspective, a pristine environment and certainly, fresh breath straight from the farms. Tigoni waterfall happens to be the crowning glory of a twenty kilometer 4WD drive from Nairobi; giving you a chance to take in scenic country setting to the South East of Nairobi. There may be not much to offer in terms of activities and culinary adventures, but these less travelled paths will surely revive your soul, and ease you off the hassle and stress associated with urban living.

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