#Gadgets: Eye mask promises to quiet snoring noise

Are you losing sleep because your spouse or partner is a loud snorer?

Introducing the Silent Partner SmartMask, an eye mask that quiets snoring noise by creating a silent zone around the person wearing it.

By using patented Active Noise Cancellation, the eye mask detects the unwanted snoring sound and generates a counter sound to suppress it, ultimately cancelling the snoring sound out.

The eye mask reduces snoring noise by 15 to 17 decibels and works as close as 20 centimeters away from the source of the unwanted noise.

With over $1.5 million raised on the Indiegogo platform, the inventors of SmartMask, have certainly tapped into a problem that many people suffer from.

The SmartMask is expected to be shipped out in October and retails from $99.

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