Why you need to jump on the Brown Rice Green Tea bandwagon!

We all know that green tea is one of the good guys. In fact it is so good that if you had a couple of boxes containing green tea in your pantry and you made good use of its contents then you are sorted! For life! Well…almost.
And that’s just green tea. Add roasted brown rice to the mix and you get the super Genmaicha tea-as the Japanese call it.

Genmaicha tea contains natural goodness galore. From Flavanoids to Antioxidants to Trace minerals to Vitamin B, to Fiber, to Iron… name it! It is a rich tea loaded with nutrients that have beneficial effects on health.
The tea combines the fresh grassy flavor of green tea and the nutty aroma from the roasted brown rice.

The Polyphenols (antioxidants found in the tea) help to prohibit the reproduction of the cancer cells by stimulating a natural process of programmed cell death known as apoptosis. This helps in the reduction of the formation of free radicals -these are known to play a role in accelerating the aging process and also bringing  about diseases- in the body hence protecting cells and molecules from damage.

Brown Rice Green tea contains large amounts of important nutrients.

Therefore, it is important to note that Green Tea :

*Improves brain function as well as protects the brain in old age hence lowering risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

*Contains fat burning properties making it capable of aiding in weight loss and of course lowering the risk of obesity.

*Improves one’s overall physical performance.

*Kills bacteria hence improving dental health as well as lowering risk of further infections.

*Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes.

*Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease.

Roasted Brown Rice:

*The sugar and starch from the rice adds to the green tea flavor making it more palatable without adding any sugar.

*Brown rice contains selenium which is a vital mineral that helps maintain thyroid function as well as regulating hormones and metabolism.

*Brown rice contains Manganese which is an essential trace mineral that helps to maintain healthy nerve functions as well as stabilize blood sugar levels and aid the body to synthesize cholesterol and other essential fatty acids.

*Past and even some recent studies have shown that women who consumed brown rice green tea often had a decreased risk of colon, pancreatic and rectal cancer.

The Japanese brag low cancer rates which is mostly attributed to their consumption of the Genmaicha tea which is famously known to be a part of their staple diet.

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