#BeiYaJioni: Serving our self interests has never been this witty!

PHOTO: Facebook (Chatterbox Film & Theatre)

Protecting your own interests, no matter at what cost, has never been this witty. Just look at the spirited and colourful cast in Bei Ya Jioni, which is a phrase in Kiswahili that can loosely be translated as “The Best Price” in English.

On my opening night visit to Bei Ya Jioni, the show had me at “Love Story,” how Ana-Mwende Wambua’s character Kizzy described the show in her opening monologue. I had anticipated a certain smushiness of romantic fervor, but was pleasantly surprised by the copious amounts of wit, humour, energetic dancing, emotive live music and controversial yet familiar characters in this ebullient satire about Kenya’s politics, social dynamics and everything in between.

The charming show uses love – for yourself, others and the nation – to challenge us to think about our actions and choices. Without giving too much away, all I will say is that Bei Ya Jioni certainly hits home, and will get you thinking.


Bei Ya Jioni is showing at the newly refurbished Kenya National Theatre on the following dates and times:


Bei Ya Jioni tickets cost KES 1,000. Tickets can be purchased via LIPA NA MPESA Till No. 565187. For more details: www.chatterbox.co.ke/tickets


PHOTO: Facebook (Chatterbox Film & Theatre)
PHOTO: Facebook (Chatterbox Film & Theatre)
PHOTO: Facebook (Chatterbox Film & Theatre)
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