Types of men a woman can meet in her lifetime

There are all sorts of men with all sorts of traits as there are women and since time immemorial it has gone without saying that you have to kiss as many frogs as possible before landing  “the one”. That said, a woman will meet all sorts of men in her lifetime and Dayan Masinde breaks this down on a list for us. Check it out:

1. “The pervert”

This is the man who casually and constantly thinks of sex. He will touch her inappropriately, think of her only when he wants sex, beg her to send him naked pictures, or see her just as a set of boobs and ass to sleep with. Some are rapists.

2.”The male chauvinist”

This is the man who belittles women, and hinders her progress. This man thinks women are weak and don’t deserve certain positions. His misplaced ego inspires her to prove him wrong.
3. “The first crush”

This is the first man who evokes her true emotions. For the first time a man excites her.

4. “The first love”

This is the man she first commits to in an official relationship. The first man she gives herself to, the first she tells “I love you” to and who teaches her love and reveals to her how much love she has.

5. “The father figure”

This could be her biological father who covers her and loves her or an uncle, a mature man who nurtures her.

6. “The bad example”

This could be her father who is absent or men she sees around cheating on their woman, the men who make her wonder if good men exist.
7. “The brother”

This could either be her blood brother or a man she can confide in and he has no hidden agenda. He could be in a relationship or single but he and her cannot be a couple. Some call each other BFF.

8. “The heartbreaker”

This is the man who will break her heart into pieces, demolish her trust in men, make her wary of men, hurt her and make her withdraw and put up walls. To some, this is the man who impregnates and runs away, the physical abuser, the darkest part of het life.

9. “The hope giver”

This is the man who will come after a heartbreak, the one who will break down her walls, inspire her to love again, bring her heart out of the cocoon, remind her that good men still exist.


10. “The player”

This is the man who will want to add her to his list of women, the condom man who sleeps around and saying it’s safe sex, the one her heart is not safe with at all, the womanizer.

11. “The bitter ex”

This is the man who will not want her to have any other man or any form of happiness because he cannot have her. He is the suicidal type.

12. “The untouchable”

This is the one she sees in all the good qualities she wants in a man but she cannot have him. He is out of reach because he is either taken or married or with his own walls.

13. “The wrong Mr. Right”

This is the man who loves her and she loves him but the two cannot be. They might date but not meant to lead to marriage. They will teach each other alot, be there for each other alot but not become life partners.

14. “The nag’

This is the man she has no feelings for at all but he keeps trying, calling her, buying her things, asking her out on dates, giving her headaches.
15. “The non-mover”

This is the man she will have feelings for, she will try to win his attention but he will notice her but not make a move. Since she can’t nag him, she sits by the fence waiting for him to be the man and hunt her.

16. “The control freak”

This is the man who will have strange demands, he wants to dictate what she does, who she sees, where she goes, how she dresses and treats her like propoerty or a girl, over protective.

17 “The map reader”

This is the man who will teach her things about men, the one who advices her about men and she asks of his opinion, he helps her navigate in the maze that is men. He could be a pastor, a mentor, a big brother or a relationship counsellor.


18. “The chat buddy”

This is the man who is great at chatting. When she is bored he can chat her up to a smile. He could be a man far away who just likes to say hello and share videos, quotes and jokes.

19. “The boy”

This is the immature man who has a crush on her but calls it love. He drools at her and she is his hero. He knows she is way out of his league but he tries any way. His pursuit makes her feel good about herself.

20. “The one that got away”

This is the great man she feels slipped out of her hands either because she wronged him, she repelled him or she told him she’s not ready for a relationship. He waited for her and then left, she sees him happy these days with a good woman who held on to him.
21. “The secret admirer”

This is the man who lacks confidence to approach her. So shy, he can’t ask her out, all he does is fantasize about her and like her pics and posts on social media.

22. “The brag”

This is the man so full of himself. He shows off his money, bling, cars, house, success hoping she might be attracted to all that.

23. “The unfaithful married man”

This is the married man who will pursue her. He will promise her heaven and all her needs met as long as she joins him in the sin of unfaithfulness.
24. “The sex symbol”

This is the hot man. The man she lusts after. He talks or sits next to her and she wants to remove her bra and underwear. In her secret room, she harbours sexual thoughts of her. This is the best thing if he is also her true lover, but dangerous if it is not her man.

25. “The true lover”

This is her life-time partner. The one to say “I do”, her husband, the culminatiom of all she’s learnt about men, the one!

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26. “The love wrecker”

This is the man who shows up when she’s found her true lover. He is the man who tries to water down her true lover’s goodness, the one who comes to destroy her true lover. He could be a selfish man or just a good man who shouldn’t be pursuing her, he will pounce on the troubles she has with her true man, taking advantage of their storms. She must keep him away, lest she has an affair and destroys her true love.

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