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  • Jannadas

    Mr.Uhuro says reforms are here no wonder he is still the DPP,the same will come after his ICC case.

    • prophet6

      I don’t get your drift. Reforms are here already – we should move on.

      • ObieK

        Detractors are all over the place to derail the reform train.

  • upuzi_tele

    Uhuru should keep quiet and concentrate on his accusations by the ICC or else he will be surprised how fast his time to serve at the Hague comes.

    • prophet6

      Why should UK keep quite? Those accusations are just that ‘accusations’. The truth is far from it and because you are a self acclaimed judge in the matter – why don’t you make your threat a reality instead of issuing ridiculous and fanciful decrees.

  • prophet6

    I’m tired personally of this reform label that seem to infer that ODM is the only party that represents reforms. UK is right, we are past the mark and it is time to move on and work towards achieving better lifes for Kenyans. Kenyans should now focus their attention on more important reforms e.g. economic and social reforms. We are greatful to those who brought about political reforms in the country, but the agents of economic reforms are taking the stage. The youth of this nation are suffering and need a leadership that reflects their aspirations as a resource to the country and it is through a youthful leadership that we will see growth in the economy and quality of life. UK should continue to tell the youth what to expect if he was elected president and leave those still chasing the mirage to walk to their destruction.

  • Brother Hon. Uhuru should stop giving credit where its not due. The mere attempt to acknowledge none credentials is bad enough. It means this village brother of mine has been taken in by false propaganda by merchants of deceit! No wonder whenever lords of deceit claimed that someone was waiting to take the brother’s place once he was carted away to ICC, Uhuru quickly showed signs of believing those lies. His relationship with other brothers in G7 developed problems because of being prone to gossip and lies. Raila was never a reformer and will never ever be. He has neither shown any shred of signs for a reformer nor done anything that can be classified as reform. Its all empty song backed by vacuum! If my village brother Uhuru believes in those empty lies, is actually hard to discern.

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