The 4 Truths of a Successful Relationship

Being in a relationship is great because in all honesty, going through this thing called life with a partner (for whatever duration) who you truly care for and cares for you in equal measure is much better than going through life alone. But then again, being in a relationship is not compulsory because single doesn’t always mean lonely and relationship doesn’t always mean happy!

Every relationship is different because we are all different hence we should never aspire to have what someone else has and term that as your #RelationshipGoal . The funny fact of life  is that people always want that which they do not have.  People who are not in a relationship always want to be in one while people who are in a relationship (but are dreadfully unhappy) always want out of the relationship.
It is very obvious that for a relationship to work a couple must be on the same page as relationships are not so easy. While some relationships help us become better, some turn us into bitter, insecure, horrible versions of ourselves.

Before aspiring to be in a relationship we need to know about these 4 truths that could make your relationship a successful one.

1.You must be in a relationship with yourself first!

I bet you’ve heard the saying “Charity begins at Home”- Home in this case being Yourself. When you truly love yourself first, you will treat yourself with dignity and  kindness, you will enjoy your own company and you will appreciate yourself truly. It is then that you will only do that which is right by your standards which can only mean that you now have enough love within yourself to share with someone else/other people  and it is only then that you will be able to treat someone else and give them quality love equivalent to the love you give yourself.

2.All that glitters is not gold

There shouldn’t be such a thing as #RelationshipGoals ! You can look at a relationship from the outside and think it’s perfect when you have absolutely no idea what that relationship is really like on the inside. All relationships have ups, downs and plateaus. In every relationship: There are fights, there is passion,there are disagreements, there is love… there are a lot of different things that happen within a relationship.

It is important to understand that you can not and should not look at another relationship and think it is perfect simply because you are viewing it from the outside. No relationship is perfect. It is also important to note that the grass is never greener on the other side; it is greener where it is being watered.

3.Relationships take work

Relationships and love are all about choice. Two people come together and make a decision to always work together through the ups and the downs.
Therefore it is mandatory to put in work for the results you want to achieve in the end. You should always try to be on the same page as your partner for those results to be realized. Both members of a relationship MUST make a choice to put in the same amount of effort in their relationship.

Typical of relationships…There is so much passion one day and the next day you cannot stand the sight each other. For a relationship to work you will need stability, time, effort and sacrifice.
It is best to be in a relationship with someone who is also willing to put in the amount of work as you towards building a steady relationship otherwise you are better off alone.

4.You are enough!

Before allowing someone else into your life, you need to understand that you are ENOUGH! Insisting that someone else makes you feel complete is pure rubbish and it just makes you look stupid! You need to understand that you were created whole and complete just as you are. If you think you must be in a relationship to feel complete then you’re going about life in general the wrong way.

Your partner shouldn’t complete but complement you. If you don’t feel like you are enough then you probably need some more time to look within yourself and try and sort things out with yourself until you feel like you are enough. Then and only then should you go about thinking about accommodating someone else into your life.

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