How to fix your posture with 3 easy exercises

Do you sit in front of the computer or at a desk for long hours? Do you feel like you’re not standing as tall as you could or your shoulders seem to be perpetually rounded? Does your upper back feel weaker than other parts of your body?

If you have rounded shoulders it’s possible that your chest muscles are a lot stronger than your upper back’s from your general workouts. A great way to strengthen your upper back is through holding your body in plank positions.

For those that suffer from a hunchback, the following exercises, designed by a chiropractor, will help correct your forward head carriage by stimulating your C5, C6 and C7 nerves.

If you’re near a wall, then the following three exercises, as demonstrated by YouTuber rekrain, will be easy stretches that get you out of your chair, loosen fatigued muscles, and correct your hunchback posture.


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