Capital Lifestyle Instagrammer of the Week: @ThirdLocal

This week’s Capital Lifestyle Instagrammer is a student of fashion and retail marketing, with a particular interest in written and visual documentation in Africa, especially in the areas of fashion and local lifestyle brands.

Ugandan Lamic Kirabo of Instagram account @ThirdLocal is a fashion writer, photographer, and fashion and lifestyle blogger with an incredible eye for captivating images.

Capital Lifestyle reached out to Lamic to find out how photography and Instagram have impacted her journey in Mobile Photography.

What cameras do you enjoy shooting with and what do you like most about them?

I love shooting with the Canon EOS Rebel T65, it always comes handy for getting super crisp images. I like how small and light it is, you can literally carry it around in your bag. When it comes to shooting on-the-go, by that I mean anything from a cute coffee table or anything visually interesting I might find, I usually use my Iphone. Iphone’s take incredibly great shots (even the older versions) especially for Instagram, and are very compatible with some of the best phone editing apps like VSCO and Photoshop Express.

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

Most of my photos are shot on the streets or at any nice space I might find. It’s  hardly ever planned, if I see a nice space I will come back and shoot an outfit for my blog, if I’m at a coffee shop and I see a cute arrangement of food, or anything that captures my attention I’ll get out my phone and take a couple of pictures on my phone. Sometimes I’ll do a little arrangement at home if there’s is a particular image I want to shoot, but most times its those random spaces and corners around town that I end up shooting at. I love shooting anything style related. If I could I would probably be street fashion photographer. I love those motion shots, capturing the way clothes move, the way people interpret style, capturing people’s personality through clothing.

What are your top tips for taking captivating Instagram photos?

Most of the Instagram pages I love have a strong aesthetic, a color theme, or edit that flows through all their pictures. Creating a great Instagram feed I think is sometimes like curating a photo exhibit. The pictures have to relate to each other, this is so hard sometimes though, so 1.If you can get a hang of it create a theme for your Instagram it’s totally worth it. (Still getting there myself) 2. When it comes to shooting spaces or landscapes learn how to frame your pictures, when it comes to shooting still life pictures, 3. learn how to create lay-outs and flatlays, you can make random objectS look incredibly beautiful!

Which Instagrammers do you recommend everyone to follow?

For the people who love to travel like me, @beautifuldestinations is incredible inspiration. If you want a great aesthetic and some great fashion @thehautepursuit is a dream. I’m obsessed with her simple but edgy style that runs through everything from her clothing to her interior design choices. One of my ultimate favorites though would have to be @asiyami_gold, I think she has found a way to communicate so authentically and honestly about different places and subjects she visits and interacts with but still display them in a visually captivating and beautiful way.

How has Instagram influenced your profession and your business?

I think for every blogger or visual creator Instagram really has been a game changer. It’s allowed you to have access to an audience that used to take years and a large amount of resources to grow, making doing business through blogging a lot easier, but most importantly Instagram is a platform to get so much inspiration, to connect with so many visual artists and documenters.

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