Getting married? How about at the only amphitheatre in Tiwi Beach

Imagine, no more people blocking your view of the nuptials or eager wedding guests skipping through rows of seats to get the best photograph. No need to politely ask your wedding guests to refrain from taking photos during your ceremony or reminding them to allow the professional photographers to do their job.

The ethereal couple stands on a small platform as the wedding guests sit at a beautiful expansive venue – oval in plan, with tiers of perimeter seating, looking out to the majesty of the Indian Ocean as the sun slowly dips to the horizon, painting the sky in wonderful hues of lavender and corals.

Guests absorb the wonders of this unique spot along the Kenyan coast at Tiwi Beach while seated at this outdoor amphitheatre. Nestled beachfront at Hillpark Amare Resort, this unique venue naturally creates an intimate setting where the natural focal point is the ceremony without a bad seat in the house.

The open-air venue, amphitheatre, derives its name from ancient Greek and means a place of viewing – and what better place to witness a loving couple’s nuptials than here.

For couples seeking a beautiful beach wedding, Hillpark Amare Resort is a dream venue. The natural shape of the property funnels your guests from the gate, through the gardens, and straight to the beach.

Fine sandy shores and turquoise oceans brimming with marine life is a stunning backdrop to breathtaking photographs; and is an ideal gathering place to celebrate the love between two individuals.

The intimate property is home to three detached honeymoon cottages and 10 beach suites, all sea-facing, that feature a palette of soft colours and refined textures that give the spaces a sense of familiarity and a residential-feel. The honeymoon suites also come with in-room Jacuzzis and outdoor showers that allow guests to enjoy the evening’s starry scenes.

If you’re getting married soon and is searching for a unique venue, Hillpark Amare Resort is definitely worth inquiring about.

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