#RoutesAdventure: North Kenya Expedition Part 2

Today, we continue our #RoutesAdventure in Kenya’s North. Take a moment for a virtual Travel Tuesday escape to Kenya’s exotic landscape, where the #RoutesAdventure crew in this week’s featured episode encounter the El Molo on the Jade Sea.

The road is treacherous. With sudden drops and loose gravel, It is advised to drive at a slow and manageable pace. A few minutes past 9pm, we are finally driving through Loiyangalani town. We are unsure of where Malabo Guest house is but we meet a Good Samaritan on the road who actually turns his bike around and takes us all the way! We are already feeling very welcomed by this small town…


About #RoutesAdventure

#RoutesAdventure is about four urban nomads from different walks of life who embark upon a wondrous but gruelling journey in an effort to showcase the natural and cultural beauty of Kenya.

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