#RoutesAdventure: North Kenya Expedition Part 1

Take a moment for a virtual Travel Tuesday escape to Kenya’s north, where the #RoutesAdventure crew in this week’s featured episode, take us back to an ancient land.

The north. It’s big. And beautiful. And vast. And powerful and magnificent. We traveled from Nairobi around the western slopes of Mt Kenya, through the frontier city of Nanyuki and onto the big north. We encountered isolated mountain passes, dry sandy river beds, beautiful roads and not so beautiful roads. We encountered beautiful and friendly people living in isolation without the imposition of the big bad cities. And we saw what nature has created over millennia and were overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this country we call home. We endured our car overheating a couple of times and through sheer will, we persevered through the evening and into the night…

About #RoutesAdventure

#RoutesAdventure is about four urban nomads from different walks of life who embark upon a wondrous but gruelling journey in an effort to showcase the natural and cultural beauty of Kenya.

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  1. yuyu December 8th, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    Typical kneejack reaction..They first start arresting women and child refugees, taken to police station and then ransomed. No attempts to get the real culprits who operate from Majengo and the environs of Easleigh. Ok..the police might not know the culprits? Can they really figure out what explosive was used? In the last bus incident the police “confirmed” no grenade was used! What happened to the the tree cuprits from Majengo arrested. What happened to the man nabbed by residents trying to bomb Joska supermaket a few weeks ago! What is going on???

  2. mwas December 8th, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    We need anybody habouring refugees also to face charges for such characters are the one putting the live of Kenyans on the line.


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