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  1. Avatar Mazzdark December 7th, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    GO……TELL……IT……TO……THE……BIRDS!!! Everyone knows Mudavadi is the new Project

  2. Avatar R December 8th, 2012 at 5:14 am

    Kibaki has been a major liability to the country and especially to his people. He is presumptuous, does not receive proper intelligence briefings and has no sensible advisers. It is a pity but the confusion he has caused in the TNA, URP, UDF camp is pitiful. He is only interested in safeguarding his retirement and the rest of you can go wherever. It would have been better if Uhuru had won the polls in 2002. Kibaki has turned out to be such a failure in many ways including the Hague nonsense. How come for instance Gacoka and others knew that Raila’s name was removed from the initial list and Kibaki with all his intelligence network cluelessly allowed Uhuru and Muthaura to be dragged to the Hague. God have mercy! Who is this Wanjohi that advises Kibaki. Kibaki just relies on the advise of one person???? Moi had Bishops among his many other advisers. God have mercy on Kibaki and Kenya, Raila is scheming around Kibaki like clockwork and all Kibaki tells us is that he is busy building the nation. What nation is he building? In 2007 “he was busy building the nation” instead of campaigning and then the last minute he goes out for some quick campaigns and the result was the chaos that continue to bug Kenya. Development has to be safeguarded by strong leadership.


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