Dubai disabled centre ‘penalised for hosting Kardashian’


UAE authorities have penalised a centre for disabled people in Dubai for hosting US reality television star Kim Kardashian, describing its invitation as “pointless,” media reported Tuesday.

The social development ministry said that the Rashid Centre for the Disabled violated regulations after receiving Kardashian without a permit, the Emirat Al-Youm newspaper said.

The ministry said it would not have granted a permit because it is “pointless to receive her,” according to the report, which did not specify the punishment.

During Kardashian’s visit, the students wore T-shirts featuring her picture that the management said were distributed by the American star.

Kardashian went to the centre in mid-January while she was in the Gulf emirate, apparently on her first visit abroad since the widely reported robbery targeting her in Paris in October.

The centre’s administration said it did not seek permission because time was limited, the paper reported.

The ministry said it was still investigating the case, warning that the penalty could extend to closing the centre, the paper reported.



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  • Boiyot

    Hmmm… We knew this would happen…
    So lets move on to other things. NKT!

  • peternjoroge09

    Hypocritical of this government, If the IEBC had set aside biometric machines for the Diaspora voter registration, who gave the cabinet the mandate to overule that? I agree there are more than 3 million Kenyans abroad. This decision needs to be addressed soonest.

  • Domingo

    so 130,000 Kenyans are responsible for generating $1.2 billion a year in remittances?! How comes when it comes to money, the government knows exactly how many Kenyans are in the diaspora but when it comes to giving the same group their constitutional rights, they fudge the numbers.

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