Adidas invents dissolving running shoes made from spider silk

Adidas has invented a pair of dissolvable trainers.

The running shoe, which is made from biodegradable artificial spider silk, will melt away when you no longer need them, according to Wired.

The clothing firm recommends after two years of use you immerse the shoes in water and add a digestion enzyme, called proteinase, and after 36 hours soaking the chemical will cause the protein-based yarn to disintegrate allowing the owner to drain the liquefied shoes down the sink.

However, the foam sole will still have to be disposed of in the bin, and the garment will not vanish in the rain because it needs the enzyme for biodegradation.

The upper is made from a synthetic biopolymer fiber called Biosteel, which is made by a German company called AMSilk whose goal was to recreate spider silk.

Adidas claim the shoes are 15 per cent lighter than another other running shoes, yet still remain strong and durable, as well as non-allergenic and vegan.