Bobbi Brown is ‘really excited’ about ‘reinventing’ a new line

Bobbi Brown is “really excited” about “reinventing” a new beauty line.

The 59-year-old American make-up artist – who founded her eponymous beauty brand, which was bought by Estée Lauder in 1995, but announced her departure from the label in December 2016 – has admitted she doesn’t know what products she will invent in the future, but she is eager to come up with new creations and launch a capsule the way she envisions it.

Speaking about her next venture during a Q&A session at Indie Beauty Expo’s Connect Indie event, which took place at The L.A Hotel Downtown, the mogul said: “Again an indie beauty person. I don’t know what products I’m going to come out with. I don’t know what categories I’m going to come out with yet, but I’m really excited about reinventing the way I see a line should be. Clear and concise.”

And the creative mastermind has admitted “nothing” would have changed her mind about leaving the designer cosmetic house and it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision but an action she had contemplated for some time.

Speaking previously about her exit, she said: “I don’t think so. It certainly wasn’t an overnight decision. The fun thing about starting a brand is creativity and the idea of doing something that doesn’t exist. When you get really big, your mind is on different things. It’s, how do you stay big? How big can you be? It was 25 years, we reached the celebration and we reached $1 billion in sales. It was like, ‘OK, maybe it’s time for me to do this again.'”

However, Bobbi has teased she has not completely given up on beauty forever as and has hinted she “still” has ideas she wants to put into action.

She said: “I still have some ideas and some things I want to do.”